If you are having trouble with one of our apps crashing on your iPhone or iPod, please provide us with the crash logs.

These logs will be used for technical support purposes.

To send the crash logs from your Weather Rabbit or TNNS app to Rabbx, please follow these steps:

Go to your iOS device’s Settings → General → About → Diagnostics & Usage → Diagnostics & Usage Data

Locate the Weather Rabbit or TNNS log.  The logs are stored in alphabetical order, so these apps will be down toward the bottom.  The most recent logs are at the bottom for each app.  Find the log with the most recent date and time.  Open this log.

One the log is opened, double tap any part of the text, press Select All 

The press Copy

Paste the text into a support ticket (preferred) or paste the text into an email and sent it to weather@rabbx.com for Weather Rabbit logs or tnns@rabbx.com for TNNS logs.

If you have multiple recent logs, send the most recent 2 or 3.

Thank you for your help to improve our apps.